The Finish Line

Well…..I approach the finish line of a hopefully 5700 mile year of running! That is at least a 25k of running average every single day for 365 days. It’s been a great year but a crazy one as well. I am sad to say that my blog is also ending. This is the finish line for me as a blogger.

What does the future hold? I don’t know. I just put in my resignation letter and accepted a new position that will move my family from Michigan to Montana. My wife and I have to travel to South Korea at least two times in this next year for adoption. We will be bringing home a new little one to join our family. So, new job, expanding our family, and moving across the country. Phew, it sounds like a lot but after a 5700 mile year of running I am sure I can handle it.

It has been fun to blog every now and then. I hope someone was encouraged, inspired, or helped in their running endeavors. I know that I’ll always be a runner. Somewhere out there I’ll be pounding the dirt or the pavement. Probably by myself. Not for medals, belt buckles, t-shirts, or recognition but because I simply love to run. It’s the way God made me, made to move. May you keep running my friend. It’s not always easy but it’s always so good.

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