The Power of Church and Community

I just recently completed an FKT (Fastest Known Time) or course record on a local trail called the White Pine Trail. It was a 94.18 mile run that I did in 14:59:18 seconds. While the run was great and my time was solid it was the “why” I did this run that was more compelling. As a former orphan but now active Pastor, I was led to help support a local family going through through the process of adopting another child out of China. The cost of adoption has caused so many to look away from the idea. $40,000 to $50,000 dollars can be a lot to spend or raise.

In steps the power of our community and church. As I began my run we were only at $550. I’ll admit I was a little bit embarrassed at how small this fundraising run might turn out to be. Yet, our Great God had other plans in store for us. By mid day we were at around $3,000! I think everyone was shocked! When my friend whom I was running for told me the amount I thought he was mistaken. In fact, I thought he made a mistake and meant to say $300. But God wasn’t through with amazing us all. The power of God using family and friends to accomplish something great was still being unfolded right before our eyes.

My run transformed into a miracle run. I went from physically exhausted and ready to just walk and jog it slowly in to running the last 21 miles over 22 minutes faster than I ran my first 21 miles. God was providing me unbelievable strength. Meanwhile, we went from $3,000 to more than doubling that amount by the time I crossed the finish line! Over $6,000 was raised in a few hours!

Everyone was blown away by the generosity of friends and family. This is what is possible when a community and Christ’s church rallies together. I was reminded that God’s goodness and love does exist in all of us. When we each do our part, it is put together to form an incredible whole that none of us can comprehend. This is why we can’t stop believing in God and in each other. As down as we can be sometimes because of the world around us, we need to be reminded that our worst fears can be overcome through the unity and cooperation of others working towards the same goal.

The entire day was a testament to God’s Goodness. It was a day of miracles. I believe in the Power of our God and that nothing He Wills is impossible for us. We have reason to pray, to believe, to have goals, a mission, and a vision for the future. If God calls you to adopt, step out in faith! If God calls you into the ministry…..GO! Whatever the nudge, whatever the calling, if what you desire is for God’s glory and intended to love Him and love others, go for it! Put God first and let’s keep motivating the church and communities of Christ to rally!

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