Saucony Triumph 18 Review

The Saucony Triupmh 18 is a really good shoe! I use it for everything. Most recently, it was my go to shoe to close out my FKT attempt on the White Pine Trail. I had started the day in the Saucony Endorphin Pro’s but my feet were hurting pretty bad by mile 60. I went a few more miles and decided that some extra cushioning and comfort was more important than the light weight and carbon fiber plate energy return. I went faster in my Triumph 18’s at the end of my ultra day than I did at any other point all day in my Endorphin Pro’s!

The Triumph 18’s are a little bit heavier than it’s predecessor the 17’s. It went from 10.7 ounces in the men’s size 9 to 11.4 ounces. I can’t tell. They both feel plush and comfortable in the uppers and very nice and cushy underneath your feet. This is a great shoe for recovery days and long runs. However, I have used it for speed and tempo days as well. It is responsive enough to go fast. I am one of those runners who doesn’t need a different type of shoe for all my different types of workouts. I think it’s mostly hype and marketing to get people into buying more shoes but for most of us the performance benefits are not great enough for us to be buying many different pairs of shoes for different scenarios. I am also not into the lie that “light” shoes means faster times all the time. What is more important is fit, comfort, and does the shoe do what it is suppose to do to protect you and keep you moving forward efficiently? Some of these lighter shoes are less comfortable, will break down faster because of the thinness of materials and the minimal use of rubber for the outsole. They tend to also have less cushion and be less soft in the cushioning so that the shoe is more responsive. Those are things that I don’t always like. At my age as a Master’s runner who has logged a ton of miles in my lifetime, I do appreciate a little more cushion and softness for my knees and legs.

If there were any negatives to the Triumph 18’s it would be price (a little steep at $150) and the shoe strings are really too long. Other than that, the shoe is plenty breathable, the PWRrun+ cushioning (it’s not EVA) will last longer and not break down like other foams. The traction is solid and the looks are pretty good. This is a shoe I will buy and buy again. There is a reason why there are many loyal fans of this shoe. Honestly, I have another pair stashed in a drawer ready to be run in.

For now, these are my favorite running shoes. I can’t wait to see how the Triumph series continues to evolve. My guess is the future shoes will be lighter (because that’s one of the top things runners want). However, I hope they do not compromise on the amount of cushioning to do so and the durability/life of this shoe. This shoe for me can get well over 700 miles because of the PWRrun+ and the rubber outsole on the bottom not wearing down. Get yourself a pair! I bet you’ll love them!

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