Review New Balance 1080V10

I haven’t run in New Balance since high school and that is over 22 years ago. My first pair fell apart after two weeks and I lost all trust in the company but it’s time to give this company another shot. How would the New Balance 1080v10’s perform? Below is my honest review.

The New Balance 1080v10’s look amazing! They are 9.5 ounces in a men’s size 9 and have an 8mm drop. The stack is 30mm in the heel to a 22mm in the forefoot. This is an EVA based cushioned shoe that is light enough to be used as an all purpose shoe. I had no problem running mile repeats in this as well as over 20 mile long runs. It’s similar in feel to me as the Hoka Clifton’s. I believe the durability of this shoe will be about the same as the bottoms have some rubber but I can already see wear on them at around 100 miles. My guess, I will be able to run around 400 to 500 miles in these at most but I would guess most people would get less. I run pretty efficiently and I am not hard on the outsoles of my shoes because of my forefoot running style.

Honestly, I wish the durability was better on the outsoles but I get it. EVA based shoes break down over time and therefore don’t need super durable outsoles. Lots of rubber at the bottom of shoes will only make the shoe weigh more and cost more. In contrast, my Saucony Triumph 17’s have a lot of rubber which make this shoe very durable (for a longer life of the shoe) and the cushioning is not EVA but a beaded Pebax. The Pebax does not breakdown like EVA.

In short, I like the 1080v10’s but don’t love them. If they were on sale enough, I’d buy more of them but I wouldn’t pay over $100. I got mine for $100 exactly. The upper is comfortable and I don’t have an issues with stability, lock down, or heel slippage. The toe box like many shoes are a little bit on the tighter side. New Balance does offer wide shoes. Running in the shoes is fun. They make me run faster than when I wear my Triumph 17 and 18’s. I think this is a combination of the more aggressive heel drop, responsive cushioning, and the lightness of the shoe. This is why I don’t grab them on my slower recovery days.

If you are looking for a good all purpose shoe that can work for long runs then the New Balance 1080v10’s are definitely worth looking into. I think New Balance is honestly a good running shoe company and I look forward to trying out more of their shoes in the future.

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