Hoka Clifton 6 and 7 Review

I have had the opportunity to run in the Clifton 6 and 7 in the same training block. Honestly, both shoes are great shoes and will be in my line up for a long time. In this review I talk about what I like and dislike about both shoes.

The Clifton 6 and 7 are 5mm drop shoes from heal to toe. They are designed for the neutral foot type. Both shoes are workhorse shoes, meaning, I run in them for just about everything from speed sessions to long runs. They are very versatile and well built shoes. The Clifton six weighs 9.0 oz in size 9 for men and the Clifton seven weights 8.7 oz in the same size. I can’t really tell the difference in weight to be honest. I think some people put too much emphasize on weight because I really perform the same in both.

Both shoes feel the same in their cushioning. The heel pull tab is different on the Clifton 7 and I like the overall look of the 7 more. Recently, I used the Clifton 7 in the last 50 miles of my 100 mile run and I did get a big blister on the sides of both of my big toes. I think the toe box is a little bit snug and my feet are normal in width. I had a hard time wearing the Clifton’s after my 100 mile run because of how narrow the shoe is. My feet did swell up for a few days and I had to use my Saucony Triumph 17’s instead.

I also noticed how much softer and better the uppers felt on my Saucony Triumph 17’s on my hurting feet after the 100 mile run but in most cases the Clifton’s are just fine. Again, I love the Clifton series of shoes because of the cushion, weight, and comfort I have had training in them. These are dependable shoes that I can get easily 500 miles in. The bottoms of the shoes do wear out which forces you to get into a new pair around 500 miles but the shoes are usually fairly priced. If you buy the older models like the Clifton 6, you can get them for under $100 easily.

If you are looking for a great go to shoe for most of your training, I highly recommend the Hoka Clifton shoes. They may not be fancy in their midsole cushioning. It is EVA but what they have done with their EVA foam has been great for the amount of miles I put in. I run sometimes over 100 mile weeks and these shoes protect me and keep me moving forward.

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