Free Train VR Vest

Need something to hold your phone and key fob while running? Check out my review on the Free Train VR Vest below. It is a vest I think a lot of runners should consider!

The Free Train VR Vest holds your phone and is the reflective version found at There is a black vest called the V1 if you don’t want the highly reflective vest. I chose this one because I run in the ark a lot. Since the vest puts your phone near your chest there are some nice perks. One, you can access your phone while you run to deal with apps, music, or to check messages. There is a sleeve you put your phone in with a clear screen on the inside that allows you to use the touch screen features on your smart phone.

The sleeve will hold most types of smart phones. I have a fairly big Motorola phone and it fits fine. I did have a hard time putting it in at first but after a few times my phone starting sliding in better and I also got better at putting it in the sleeve. There are two pockets on the vest. One can hold your key fob and the other can hold a single “energy gel packet”. Note, these pockets are small and cannot hold a lot. I did put a small vial of electrolyte salt in the key fob pocket on one of my long runs. The vest is highly adjustable around the waste and there is minimal bouncing of the phone on my chest. One of the other perks of this vest is you don’t have to wear headphones for music because the phone on my chest allows me to hear the music playing straight out of my phones speakers. This keeps my ears clear to hear traffic all around me on the roads.

A few of the cons. If you sweat a lot, your key fob still gets soaked. I wish they had at least one water proof pocket. I also would like the phone sleeve to be waterproof for those rainy days or for those who sweat a lot. I also found the vest a little bit warm on hot days. On cold days I had a hard time buttoning the phone back on the vest after accessing the phone. If you are wearing gloves it becomes a tricky task. I think magnets would be better? Lastly, I wish the vest had bigger pockets or more storage. As a long distance runner I am forced to wear something separate to bring along water or more fuel.

This is a solid and comfortable vest and I look forward to keep using it. I recommend you trying it out if you run outside a lot and want to have your phone on you.

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