Saucony Triumph 17 Review

I was looking for a great long long long distance shoe for my ultra training. I train mainly on roads so I needed something with a lot of cushion. Could I find a descent shoe for my 100 mile run coming up in October? The Triumph series is Saucony’s most plush shoe but how would it perform? Below I give you my personal and honest review after well over 500 miles put in on one pair.

I like to get straight to the point. This shoe is a good shoe and it looks amazing! Maybe slightly on the heavy side but I don’t really notice that when I am running. The shoe has very plush materials used in the upper. Everything feels soft and this includes the laces! There is adequate cushioning as I have taken this shoe over 50 miles in a single run. It does what it is suppose to in protecting my feet and my legs from a lot of impact on the roads.

I can see a lot of runners using this shoe for long runs, recovery days, and for ultra training. I have even used it for interval training. Yes, it is a bit heavy for speedwork but I am use to wearing more maximal shoes even for faster paces. This shoe feels very stable and can take corners well. It has solid traction and the tread on the bottom is this crystalized rubber that wears incredibly well. In fact, this shoe will outlast all of the other shoes I have and you could easily get more mile in these shoes because of the tread on the bottom of the shoes holding up so well.

The powerrun+ cushioning feels soft but not too squishy. Therefore, it has a little bit of responsiveness to it which I think is just about perfect. It is less squishy feeling than my Sketchers May Road 4’s and more squishy than my Hoka Clifton 6’s. However, at 10.7 oz’s this shoe is easily the heaviest of my long run shoes.

Honestly, I like this shoe a lot. In fact, I bought another pair just based on the fact that it is a solid training shoe that I know will last a long time. You will really be able to get a ton of miles in this shoe. Maybe around 700 miles? These shoes have found a place in my rotation and will be a shoe I will probably wear for at least a huge part of my 100 mile run coming up. I think they feel better on my feet longer than the Sketchers Max Road 4’s and the Hoka Clifton’s. In fact, I put these as my number one long, long, long run shoe with the Hoka Clifton’s second and the Max Road 4’s last. I do enjoy all three of these shoes but Saucony put a lot of quality into these shoes. I would say they are definitely worth trying if you put in a lot of miles or long runs. Your legs and feet might love these shoes!

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