Sketchers Go Run 7 Review

This is my second pair of Sketchers Brand running shoes. I went into a Sketchers Outlet store recently hoping to see and try out some of their running shoes and was disappointed. The Sketchers Stores do not carry their running line up of shoes currently. Instead, they do have some athletic shoes that could be used for running but these are not the ones that that serious runners would take out for long runs. If you are looking for Sketchers shoes like the Max Road Hyper 4 and the Go Run 7’s which I am about to talk about, your best bet is to order then online at a legit running website like or

Sketcher is a company that confuses me. They have a history of making nice casual or dress type shoes. Recently, they have tried to make athletic shoes that would get the interest of pro athletes and every day athletes. I think the foundation for developing a dedicated fan base by producing great shoes is there but they are probably going to need some time. Meanwhile, shoes like this GoRun 7 will help this company catch the attention of many runners. The hyper burst EVA foam cushioning is solid! I wouldn’t run a 20 mile run in these shoes that often but I feel comfortable going up to 12 miles. The shoe is really light over all (under 8 ounces in my mens size 9.5) and could be used for tempo or fartlek runs.

The price for this shoe or it’s newer version the GoRun 7+ is not bad. If you get these shoes on sale they are probably worth trying. I happened to get my pair for under $30 at a Sierra Trading Post store. Would I pay $125 retail for the Gorun 7+ ? No. Honestly, I’d rather buy a different shoe. I wouldn’t even pay $70 for another pair of GoRun 7’s. Out of the two Sketchers shoes I own, I do like the Max Road Hyper 4 more because it has better cushioning for my long runs and it’s still light enough I can do some tempo and fartlek training in them.

The upper is probably a little bit “cooler” or more “breathable” than the Max Road Hyper 4 (that is a good thing) and the sole is the same in that it wears down fairly fast. While the hyper burst foam may be durable the bottom of the shoe does not have enough rubber or the right type of rubber to avoid being worn down fast. Overall, this shoe might be faster than the Max Road Hyper 4 because it is a little bit lighter and the cushioning feels slightly more firm which makes it more responsive. It was easy to pick up the pace in these shoes.

I am open to trying more Sketchers running shoes down the road based on two things. One, the hyper burst cushioning is pretty good stuff. Two, the price on Sketchers shoes are fair compared to some companies wanting between $150 to over $200 for their top of the line shoes. Sketchers most expensive shoe is the Speed Elite racing shoe with a carbon fiber plate at $180. Meanwhile, you can currently find a lot of Sketchers running shoes under $100 for training. If Sketchers continues to offer solid value while they keep making innovation and improvements, then they will not only get my attention as as repeat customer but they will find a loyal following from a lot of other runners.

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