Sketchers Max Road 4 Review

I’m not so sure about this… So, that was my initial thought about buying a “Sketchers” brand running shoe. My previous experiences with Sketchers was in the area of casual dress shoes. I have a couple of pairs. They are stylish but not really that comfortable and I don’t find them to be that durable. At least their affordable right?

I bought this shoe because I’ve been hearing some good hype on Sketchers lately. I had to experience it for myself. The Max Road 4 is their most plush long distance running shoe designed for those who like to log long miles on the road. This is perfect for the marathon or ultra runner. This shoe was designed for long runs or recovery days.

The hyperburst cushioning is soft and springy. On my first run I could feel the softness and it took a couple of miles before I stopped noticing it. My first run in these shoes was 20 miles at a steady pace and they performed pretty well. I took them out for a 14 mile run at a faster pace and they felt pretty good. I think these shoes can be an all around shoe for marathon training.

Hyperburst is EVA. Most EVA cushioning in shoes is chemically blown. Hyperburst is mechanically blown. This EVA expands as it is mechanically blown and is light and responsive. It has a cell structure with space in it where traditional EVA is a solid mass.

Bottom line….I like it! I would definitely buy this shoe again. I can’t wait to see how these shoes hold up after 400 to 500 miles in them. The upper is knit and comfortable. However, it is warm. This shoe would be great for the fall or winter but your feet will feel warm in these if you wear them in the summer or in humid conditions. I will probably hold off on running in these until the weather cools down.

These shoes may not be your first choice in speed workouts or fast tempo runs but they can work if you need them to. I am happy about the amount of cushioning and quality of this shoe so far. My feet feel like they have plenty of space. This shoe isn’t too narrow in the toe box like some shoes and my heel is locked in nicely. Traction is solid and I feel stable in these shoes. Note, I am running on roads and not on trails nor am I taking a lot of tight turns. It is also nice that Sketcher shoes are reasonably priced. I got these shoes for about $80 on sale. I like these shoes a lot and they give me options when it comes to putting some different shoes in my training rotation. In my opinion so far, these shoes feel better than Nike “react” cushioning. React is pretty good but this feels slightly better to me. I’m a fan!

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