Saucony Triumph Iso 5 Initial Review

undefinedI bought a pair of Saucony Triumph Iso 5’s. Well, I really wanted the new Triumph 17’s. I hear they are lighter, cushier, and feel great on the feet. However, I couldn’t pass up the sale that was on the Triumph Iso 5’s. $60! Yes, that is $100 dollars off the normal retail price of $160. I only bought one pair to try out and my initial thoughts are below.

I did a 5 mile warm up in the Triumph Iso 5’s this morning. They felt good. Nothing blew me away but they seemed like a solid shoe in terms of comfort and cushioning. They did not feel as cushy as my Hoka Clifton’s but I still think they have plenty of softness in the midfoot and forefoot where I land. Note, the foam and rubber components these different shoe companies use are different and therefore feel different. Time will tell which shoe is better at taking the shock and impact forces off my legs. I am not a heel striking runner so the most demanding part of the shoe that I need performance from is the midfoot and forefoot areas.

I did 5X2 mile repeats on the treadmill at about 6:14 pace. Three of those sets were in the Triumph Iso 5’s and the last two were in my Hoka Cliftons. The Triumph Iso 5’s do feel a tad bit heavier (11.5 ounces for a mens size 9) than the Hoka’s in my hands (9.5 ounces for mens size 9). Yet, I had no problem running my first 3 sets in the Triumph Iso 5’s. They had plenty of cushioning but also gave me some responsiveness or energy return. That helps make up for the added weight. I then put on my Hoka Clifton’s and noticed that they felt way more “pillow” or “marshmallow” like. There was a big difference in how they felt. However, overall I didn’t feel like either shoe gave me an advantage in running my workout faster. Neither shoe felt like it made my legs work harder.

My first impression is that I like the Triumph Iso 5’s. The upper felt good and the shoe was locked down around my foot. The rubber on the bottom of the shoe had great traction on the treadmill. I am curious to take these outside for a really long run. Will this shoe be a benefit to my legs on a 22 to 24 mile run? Will my feet hurt? Stay tuned to find out how these shoes perform on a long run and after a descent amount of miles put on them.

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